When should I send out my save the dates?
Depending on the time of year you have set the date for your wedding, to avoid your friends and family being double booked it’s advisable to send your save the date cards out around 9 – 12 months before the big day. If you’ve got guests travelling from overseas or just needing to book somewhere to stay at a particularly busy time of year, it does no harm in sending them sooner.
How should I word my save the dates?
At this point all your guests need to know if who’s getting married and when! So keep it simple and let your loved ones know you’ve set the date and you want them to keep it free. The examples in ‘Our Collections’ show the essential details but if space allows we can include as little or as much as you would like us to.
When should I send out my invitations?
Most couples send out their invitations around 3 months (12 weeks) before the wedding. Obviously this is different for each couple taking into account if you have family and friends that are travelling from afar or if your wedding is in the middle of summer. However if you’ve already sent out save the dates your guests should have pencilled the date in their diaries!
How should I word my invitations?
The first thing you need to consider is who is hosting the wedding? Traditionally it is the Bride’s parents but more and more couples are choosing to host the wedding themselves. We can supply template wording for either of these or options to include both sets of parents, parents and step-parents or together with their families. Whichever is right for you.
It is obviously very important to remember to include when (date and time), where, if there’s a reception following, RSVP details (if not supplying a separate card) and anything else specific, such as no children allowed, dress code, etc. Further details about directions, accommodation and gift lists can be printed on a separate piece of card to avoid overloading the invitation itself.
How many invites should I order?
You don’t need one per guest, as you will be inviting couples and families, so work out how many you need and then we would recommend ordering a few extra. This allows for inviting someone if any guests can’t make it, in case of any mistakes made when writing them out or if anyone is forgotten! Any leftover make a lovely keepsake!
What should I send with my invitation?
You need to consider any additional information you need your guests to know, such as local accommodation, directions, if you have a gift list or any specific requests for the day. Some couples also need their guests to choose their meal before the event so an additional information card can be supplied containing these details in a complimenting style to your stationery.
To encourage your guests to respond quickly we offer matching RSVP cards that are smaller in size so your guests can easily get back to you so you know who can and can’t attend.
What ‘On The Day’ stationery do I need to consider?
This is down to each couple, the wedding and the venue. Some venues won’t include any stationery like the place settings or table plan whereas some will provide them all. We can supply your order of service, menus, place settings, table names or numbers and table plan. All completely personalised to you and your wedding.
How many Order of Service and Menus do I order?
Every wedding is different. Order of service can be ordered one between two or one each, and menus can be one each or one per table – you order whatever is suitable for your wedding and budget.
What have I forgotten?!
As a lovely keepsake we can create a personalised card to give to each of your bridal party, either in the style of your stationery or a design we offer on our ‘Personalise It’ website. You mustn’t forget one for your bride or groom to open on the morning of your wedding to let them know how much you love them!
And then after all your hard work in planning the big day it’s so important not to forget those that have travelled far to be with you or of course that have been kind enough to get you a gift. So before you put your feet up and enjoy married life, organise your thank you cards to send out as soon as you can after the wedding.