Five Dollar Shake weddings...Caroline & Brett

Caroline and Brett got engaged on Christmas day 2008. When I asked Caroline if it was an out of the blue surprise she laughed and said no, she'd had an inkling, as her boyfriend Brett had been so excited about giving her the present (a wrapped up suspiciously small ring sized box for a couple of days) that he was literally hopping from one foot to the other saying do you want your present yet? So she relented and undid her present & the proposal happened.

Once the date had been set the save the dates were sent out. We did chuckle seeing what cute little people Brett  & Caroline had been in the past!

Caroline went for a beautiful sunny Tabriz Blue colour for the theme for her wedding day.

RSVP’s and day and evening invites were designed using one of our most popular designs, the Casablanca Range.

When the big day arrived on 15th May 2010 we couldn't wait to see what the brides dress would be like!

She looked so beautiful!

The beautiful blue colour was cleverly used throughout their special day.

The weather was gorgeous and we all enjoyed the fresh sea air as the reception venue was literally right next to the beach.

A fabulous time was had by all.