Cat love

For all you cat lovers out there, have you ever thought about getting your cat involved in your wedding day? Well if you haven’t and fancy the idea, then perhaps we can help inspire you a little!



So it started with an engagement ring, perhaps it was cat inspired? Perhaps you haven’t got one yet, if so you could make some un-subtle hints! How cute are these cat rings! it would certainly be a talking point.




I’m getting married in the morning, ding Dong the bells are going to chime. 



When it come to your reception why not have cat themed food, they can at least make an appearance on the cake.






If you’re sure they’ll be well behaved why not bring them to the wedding itself, we think this little chap must have been the ring bearer.


These flowers are fantastic, it looks like white Chrysanthemums have been used to make a cat face.



We love the bow tie, very handsome!




We couldn't resist these next couple of photos! I don't think this next one thinks its the bride but he's so dressed up it would be a shame to not give him a mention!



Mr & Mrs aaawww how cute!






The end of our little cat collection, we hope it made you smile!