Lace inspiration

It is only since queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840 that white wedding dresses have been in vogue. Before that brides wore their best ‘church’ dress or if they could afford it they had a special dress made. These were usually in any colour of their choice, in Scandinavia black was especially popular.

Here are a few fabulous images of some vintage lace wedding dresses and accessories. 






A beautiful 3 tiered lace and tulle 50's skirt.



Queen Victoria set a trend with her wedding gown which apparently took 6 months with a 100 workers to create. It was trimmed with white Honiton lace and led the way in the wedding fashion stakes that  are still so current to this day.



It’s not only the Wedding dress that features lace nowadays, there are the veils, corsets, handkerchiefs, invitations, lingerie and even the decor take lace as an inspiration. Here are a few of our favorite accessories 




Not everyone gets to see the lacy garter which is a shame as they are so beautiful.


Here are a few of our favourite wedding shoes.


We adore these exquisite lace wedding boots. A bit more unusual than the traditional shoe.





Wedding cakes that look like real lace.







Veils and lace headdresses come in all shapes and sizes. Floor length or short and sweet and of course lace trimmed, the options are limitless.







And finally a selction of our favorite wedding dresses. Some with just a small touch of lace and others which are head to toe lace. It has such a timeless beauty to it. 


This dress is quite unusual because it is slinky & modern and slim fitting but beacause of this the lace detail really stands out. 






We love the beautiful detail on the back of this dress. The climbing lace flowers winding their way up the side are so pretty.